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Herbal Gatherings

Herbal Healing Arts the Power of Osha

Herbal Gatherings meet from April to October. These gatherings are a celebration of the plants in season. Meet with people who love the earth as much as you do to make herbal medicines, learn about healing, and celebrate the cycles of the earth. Experience yourself in harmony with nature and spirit.

The Herbal Gatherings are hands-on, earth-centered classes. We meet in Ann's garden as well as directly on the land where the plants live. All classes include delicious snacks and teas made from local wild plants. You are cordially invited to come join our party with the plants! Be a part of a vibrant herbal community!

Spring Gathering Herbal Healing Arts

Springtime Celebration


Gather with your beloved plant friends to celebrate the return of the green! Restore your electrolytes with dandelion root recharge. Learn to make yellow dock tonic. Support your lymphatic system with spring cleavers. Give yourself a mineral boost with seasonal vinegars. Feel the earth in your veins!

Spring Gathering Herbal Healing Arts

Summer Herbal Lovers’ Delight!

assisted by Doris Vargas

JUNE 9 & JULY 14 | SATURDAY 10–4:00 | $160

Come feast on the wild foods in season and prepare medicines from the plants that are thriving on the days we meet. Find true delight in earth-centered healing with people who love the plants as much as you do. This herbal gathering meets twice with the same group of people.

Jamie Mantey

Doris Vargas

Doris Vargas is a shamanic folk healer, psychotherapist, certified yoga instructor, intuitive, and facilitator of sacred circles. Doris says, “I feel gratitude in my heart for being one of Ann's assistants since April 2016.” She loves assisting and is honored to support clients with emotional and spiritual needs using shamanic body work. Doris can be reached at 720.442.3818 or www.dorisvargas.org


Maya Healing Hut: Community for Women

assisted by Esther Meima

Thursdays and Saturdays July through November | $600
  • Saturdays 10AM-5P - July 21, August 11, September 8, and November 3
  • Thursdays 5:15-9PM - August 23, September 27, and October 25 for ceremonies

The Maya Healing Hut women meet four Saturdays and three Thursday evenings July through November. We will join together in community to deepen our Maya healing practices in the lineage of Miss Beatrice Waight of Santa Familia, Belize. Come nourish yourself and one another with herbal teachings, plant brushings, spiritual baths, Maya massage, limpias, prayer, full moon ceremonies and timeless earth-centered traditions. To apply, email Ann at drucker.ann@gmail.com.

Herbal Healing Arts Miss Beatrice Benefit and Primicia Ceremony

We honor the Maya Healing Traditions of Miss Beatrice Waight.

Herbal Healing Arts High Country Medicine

Herbal Healing Arts the Power of Osha

Power of Osha


Come to the sacred osha grove. Learn directly from our Rocky Mountain power plant. Dig in the old ways and discover the many medicines of osha root.

Herbal Healing Arts