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Meet Ann

Meet Ann Drucker Herbal Healing Arts

Ann Drucker has taught shamanic and herbal healing traditions for over twenty-five years. She holds a Masters Degree in Education and is well known for her joyful, dynamic, experiential teaching style.

Ann honors her children and her teachers: Miss Beatrice Waight, Susun Weed, Sandra Ingerman, and Maureen Murphy, and gives thanks for their heart-centered, timeless wisdom.

Ann has a thriving private practice in Boulder, Colorado. These healing sessions may include soul retrieval ceremonies, shamanic body work, uterine massage, herbal steams, healing remedies, plant brushings, shamanic journeys, Maya healing traditions and more.

To set up a personal consultation with Ann, call 303.449.4061 or email her at drucker.ann@gmail.com

Ann Drucker