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Shamanic Teachings
and Ceremonies

In all shamanic healing, we work in partnership with our Spirit Helpers. These shamanic teachings help you to develop a deeper relationship with your own Helping Spirits. Expand your spiritual practice by working in the class community. Experience the ancient connection between shamanic healing and herbalism. Increase your ability to help others on their healing path.

Ix Chel

Ix Chel Full Moon Women’s Ceremony

APRIL 28 and JUNE 30 | SATURDAY 5-8pm

Join us for a full moon ceremony in the Yucateca Maya tradition of Miss Beatrice Waight. Experience how the Maya Goddess Ix Chel is a sacred healer for women all over the world. All donations go toward passing on the Maya healing traditions to the grandchildren of Miss Beatrice Waight.

Spring Gathering Herbal Healing Arts

A Weekend with Betsy Bergstrom

May 19 | Saturday 10AM-6PM | POTLUCK LUNCH
May 20 | Sunday 10AM-5PM  | POTLUCK LUNCH

Shamanism is a current evolving practice. Join us for the best of Betsy's experiential and new training. Strengthen your gifts for healing and helping others and expand your practical ways to thrive as a high sensitive in the modern world. Betsy’s spiritual hygiene teachings are among my time-honored favorites! Old friends and new, come celebrate the Norse Seidr tradition of mediumship. Bring your staff.

Betsy Bergstrom is the best teacher of mediumship I know. She is a gifted medium herself and has an impeccable relationship with her Helping Spirits. She is a deep, experiential teacher who authentically embraces the mysteries of life. I am honored to sponsor Betsy to teach here in Boulder. www.betsybergstrom.com

Herbal Healing Arts Miss Beatrice Benefit and Primicia Ceremony

Maya Healing Hut: Community for Women

assisted by Esther Meima

Thursdays and Saturdays July through November | $600
  • Saturdays 10AM-5P - July 21, August 11, September 8, and November 3
  • Thursdays 5:15-9PM - August 23, September 27, and October 25 for Maya full moon ceremonies

The Maya Healing Hut women meet four Saturdays and three Thursday evenings July through November. We will join together in community to deepen our Maya healing practices in the lineage of Miss Beatrice Waight of Santa Familia, Belize. Come nourish yourself and one another with herbal teachings, plant brushings, spiritual baths, Maya massage, limpias, prayer, full moon ceremonies and timeless earth-centered traditions. To apply, email Ann at drucker.ann@gmail.com.

Jamie Mantey

Esther Meima

Esther Meima has assisted Ann in private sessions for the past three years. She also offers individual shamanic healing for people and their animals. Her sessions include soul/power animal retrievals, energy clearing and traditional Maya healing. Contact Esther directly to set up your own appointment. emeima50@gmail.com